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IRS Publication 561
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How To Donate Blood



You can make a difference! Millions of people everyday require a blood transfusion. However, hospital and blood banks across the nation are in short supply of blood. You can save many lives if you donate your blood. You can be a hero for a lot of people!



What to do before donating blood

  1. Contact your physician before donating your blood
  2. Drink lots of fluids 3 to 4 days before donating
  3. Try to avoid any beverages with caffeine
  4. Eat before you donate blood, especially food rich in iron like spinach, fish, and raisin.
  5. Avoid fatty foods, such as fast foods, and snacks high in fat
  6. Get a good night rest
  7. Wear clothes that allow you to raises your sleeves above your elbow, so the nurse can access your veins easily

After you have donated blood

  1. Eat! The donation center usually provide food for you after the donation
  2. Drink plenty of fluids.  Re-hydrating yourself with fluids and electrolytes is very important for the next 24-48 hours
  3. Elevate your feet if you feel dizzy.  Keep your feet elevated until the dizziness subside
  4. If you continue to feel abnormal or “not yourself”, contact you doctor or local hospital immediately


Places to donate

  1. Look for local high school events in your local papers
  2. Look for local church flyers
  3. Large companies might have events for blood donations
  4. Check out shopping center
  5. Or... go on the internet to search for your nearest location (see resources below





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