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How to Donate:

Car & Other Vehicles
>> car, boat, etc.

Cash & Financial Assets
>> cash, real estate, stocks and bonds, etc.

Clothing & Personal Items
>> clothing, jewelry, gems, paintings, hobby collections, etc.

>> computers, cell phones, etc.

Household Items
>> furniture, appliances, etc.

>> sperm, blood, etc.

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Tax Information

IRS Publication 561
>> This IRS guide helps donors determine the value of property.

IRS Publication 526
>> This IRS guide explains how to claim a deduction for your charitable donations.

How To Donate Cash and Financial Assets

How To Donate Stocks and Mutual Funds - A Better Option Over Cash Donations?

Is it time to make your yearly donation to your favorite charity?  Have you ever considered donating your securities (i.e. stocks and mutual funds) as an alternative to cash. Many charities accept securities as a donation, and there might be additional tax advantages associated with it.

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Contribute An Article And Help A Cause

Submit a helpful step-by-step guide on how to donate something.  We will review the guide and publish it our site. 

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