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Car & Other Vehicles
>> car, boat, etc.

Cash & Financial Assets
>> cash, real estate, stocks and bonds, etc.

Clothing & Personal Items
>> clothing, jewelry, gems, paintings, hobby collections, etc.

>> computers, cell phones, etc.

Household Items
>> furniture, appliances, etc.

>> sperm, blood, etc.

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Tax Information

IRS Publication 561
>> This IRS guide helps donors determine the value of property.

IRS Publication 526
>> This IRS guide explains how to claim a deduction for your charitable donations.

How To Donate Miscellaneous

How To Donate Hair

Your hair is growing long and you need a hair cut. Before going to your barber shop or salon, here is something to consider. You can donate your cut lots to a worthy cause. There are charities out there that collect your hair and produce wigs to a financially disadvantaged person who suffer from medical hair loss.

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How To Donate Blood

You can make a difference! Millions of people everyday require a blood transfusion. However, hospital and blood banks across the nation are in short supply of blood. You can save many lives if you donate your blood. You can be a hero for a lot of people!

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How To Donate Sperm

Each year thousands of couples seek medical advice about their failure to conceive. One in six couples will consult a doctor over possible infertility at some stage and some will be referred to experts in the field of reproductive medicine. Sperm problems are the single most common cause of sub fertility and they affect about one-third of infertile couples.

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Submit a helpful step-by-step guide on how to donate something.  We will review the guide and publish it our site. 

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