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Tax Information

IRS Publication 561
>> This IRS guide helps donors determine the value of property.

IRS Publication 526
>> This IRS guide explains how to claim a deduction for your charitable donations.

Donating hair


Your hair is growing long and you need a hair cut. Before going to your barber shop or salon, here is something to consider. You can donate your cut lots to a worthy cause. There are charities out there that collect your hair and produce wigs to a financially disadvantaged person who suffer from medical hair loss.


  1. Inform your local barber or hair salon that you would like to donate your hair. However, you can do it yourself, if you follow the instruction below.

  2. Hair must be 10 inches long or longer. (12 inches some other places. Be sure to check with the charity you would like to donate)

  3. Prior to your haircut, the portion of your hair that you want to donate, has to be in a ponytail or braid.

  4. Hair must be clean and placed in a plastic bag before mailing it to your charity

  5. For some charities, perms and colored hair are permissible.  However bleach hairs are not permitted.

Taxes Benefit

Unfortunately, hair donation is not deductible at this time.




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